What is RadiusDeskHosted

  • Everybody takes Wifi for granted but sharing it safely and easily can be  complicated and expensive. That’s why we invented RadiusDeskHosted.
  • RadiusDeskHosted is one of the most full featured systems on the market today with over 8 years of development behind it.
  • If you or your customers need WiFi to share then RadiusDeskHosted is a WiFi Hotspot Management System that will allow you to deliver WiFi that  your customers love.
  • RadiusDeskHosted is probably the simplest to use fully featured system on the market today.
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Cloud Based Manager

Your Choice of Hardware

Your Own Customers

Advanced Hotspot Management

Mesh Enabled Wireless Networks

Exceptional user management

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RadiusDeskHosted is being used throughout the world. Our users vary from coffee shops to WISP enterprises. They all rely on the advanced capabilities of our Hotspot management system. You can too !